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Little Wheel or Roulette is one of the most popular games in the casino.


Roulette hire - With the attraction of the large wheel Roulette has been a favourite for years. It looks very complicated and sophisticated to play. But in reality, it's just a guessing game. Put your chips down on the cloth and wait for the ball to land. If you guess correctly you win, if not the lovely croupier will remove your chips from the table!
Great when taken with a Blackjack table for that perfect pair for a Wedding or Party.


Each player has a different colour chip due to the table being very large and the chips are mixed. That way, hopefully, the players know which bet is theirs. We at Fun Casino Fun use chips that have come from a REAL casino.

Casino Table Hire. 


Wonderful Roulette Hire - The Bets.

The easy bets to understand are known as the "outside" bets.

These are:

  • Odd/Even
  • 1-18 & 19-39, sometimes known as high and low
  • and the good old Red/Black.


Picture of Even bet on Roulette.

Even Bet

Roulette Bet Odd

Odd Bet

Picture of Low bet on Roulette table.

1 -18

Picture of high bet on Roulette.

19 - 36

Picture of red bet on Roulette.

Red Bet

Roulette Bet

Black Bet










These all pay Even money, i.e for every one chip you put down if you win you get 1 extra chip back. Plus you also get the chip you out down to start with.


Dozens Bets or Thirds

This divides the table up into 3's, 1st 12, 2nd 12 and then finally 3rd 12.


Picture of 1st 12 bet on Roulette which covers 12 numbers.

1st 12.

Picture of 2nd 12 bet on Roulette which covers 12 numbers.

2nd 12

Picture of 3rd 12 bet on Roulette which covers 12 numbers.

3rd 12







Another way of betting on a third of the table is a "column" bet. These are at the end of the table and a bet in the end box covers all the numbers up the table. Apart from the zero.

Column bet

Column bet.






There are 3 of these next to each other.


All these bets pay 2 to 1, you have 2 chances of losing, so for every 1 chip you put down. You win 2 back if you win and also your initial bet is returned.


Inside Bet

Now, we enter the world of the "inside" bet.

Corner bet, this covers 4 numbers. Chip place on the cross where the 4 lines meet.

Corner bet, this covers 4 numbers.

Chip placed on line where two numbers meet.

Split bet, this covers 2 numbers. This picture shows 2 split bets. 13 and 16, also 16 and 17.

Chip placed directly on a single number.

Single number.







  • A corner bet pays 8-1
  • A split bet pays 17 - 1
  • and a single number pays the most of a massive 35 -1.



Roulette has been around since the 17th century! As the game has developed the odds for the "house" have changed so there is a Zero on the wheel. This stops people betting on Red and Black and Odd and Even at the same time, yes you will mostly break even. But when the Zero lands you will lose all your money! In America they play with a zero but also a double zero, so if you ever make it over to Vegas look to see if you can play on a single zero table. It'll give you better odds at winning.

Picture of our old but fabulous Roulette Wheel.

Zero on Roulette Wheel.

This Zero is very important for the Casino, this is what gives us the edge over the players winning. You can bet on it and it pays the same as any other number or combination of numbers, which is 35 chips for every one you place.


That is Roulette, in a nutshell, there are few other bets to be made, but we try and keep it simple. So if you're looking for Roulette Table Hire, look no further book us up.

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