Themed Casino Night.

Themed Casino Night
Background is 3 meters wide.

We offer themed casino night that makes it a bit more fun.  Currently, we have a Las Vegas theme and a James Bond theme.  However, we are working on adding more props all the time.  If you have a particular theme you are interested in and don’t see it here, let us know.  We are always looking for great suggestions that will improve our client’s experience. Our team will work with clients to bring their guests one of the best-themed casino night experiences possible.  We offer different packages for our clients as well as some different game options too.  It is important that you have enough tables and things going on to keep everyone entertained. It is very common to pair our services with other party rentals as well. 

No problems if your guests don’t understand that games.  We will go over how to play them and what the rules actually are.  Our dealers are friendly and knowledgeable of the games and can help the players understand the process better.  These casino games are a wonderful way to build up teams while offering some friendly competition. 

Our most popular games are Blackjack and Roulette.

Casino Rental Services.

Our themed casino night services can offer up some red carpet and poles as well.  This gives the room that casino feels that you see in the Las Vegas images.  It helps guests to get in the mood and get ready to have a fabulous night.

There are no rules or regulations for our themed casino night services as this is all done with faux money.  That’s right, each guest is giving a set amount of faux money at the beginning of the night.  This is the money that they will be playing with throughout the night.  Some guests will quickly run out, while others will play on for hours.  This is very similar to what happens at the real casinos as people try their luck.  When a person is done at a table, they can simply “cash-out” and will receive this same faux money.  At the end of the night, there will be prizes for the top 3 players in the evening.  These prizes are included with your package and will be a bottle of bubbly for the first prize and chocolates for the 2nd and 3rd. 

Should you want to add to those prizes that is certainly up to you.  However, we offer this service to keep things simple for our clients.  This way it is one less thing they have to remember to buy and bring to the party. 

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Casino Rental Services.
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