3 Card Brag from Fun Casino Fun.

Our 3rd most popular game is 3 Card Brag Hands.

This game is probably the 3rd most requested game behind Blackjack and Roulette, very quick to learn and fast-paced.
3 Card Brag is a quick and simple Poker game. Very similar to Stud Poker it’s played on a Blackjack Style table against the dealer. Simply choose to play or fold. No real decisions are needed to be made.
The player places their bet in the Ante box and receives 3 cards face down, they then have a choice to make based on those 3 cards. They can either choose to “Fold” or “Play”. If they fold they place their cards face down between their chips and the dealer’s chip tray.
If they play then the player places another chip of equal value to the initial “Ante” bet.

3 card brag hands
3 Card Brag from Fun Casino Fun

3 Card Brag Payouts.

The dealer must have at least Queen high in order for them to “play”.
If the dealer fold, then the Play bet is a “Push” a tie in other words. The “Ante” is paid at even money.
If the player has a better hand than the dealer the payout is as follows.:-
Even money for both the Ante and Play bet but a bonus of
4 times the “Ante” bet for 3 of a kind.
5 times the “Ante” bet for a Straight Flush.

We also offer an additional bet called “Pair Plus”
This bet is not dependent on the dealer’s hands.
To win the player must have a “hand” better than a pair hence the name.
Even Money on a Pair
4 times the bet on a Flush
6 times the bet on a Straight
33 times on a Straight Flush
35 times the bet on 3 of a kind.

How to Play 3 Card Brag.

This is a very popular British card game that can be found throughout the various Casinos in the UK. The card game starts with players putting in a starting bet, this is called the ante bet. The players then receive 3 cards face down and the dealer also receives 3 cards. The player then decides whether to “play” the cards or “fold”. If the player chooses to play then they must place a bet the same as the ante bet, no more, no less. The player usually decides to play if they have a “hand”. The hands are pretty much the standard poker hands, starting with a high card, one pair, and onwards. the list of hands can be found on the right image.
Once all players have decided to either play or fold, then the dealer will turn over their cards. The dealer needs at least a Queen high in order for them to play. If the dealer doesn’t have the minimum hand then they fold. The player will receive double their ante bet, but nothing for their pay bet. This rule is set in stone so that the dealer has no influence on the outcome of the game.
The minimum bet for our games is 10, we don’t have a maximum bet.

If the dealer does qualify and has a winning hand than the player, the player will lose all their bets. If the player’s hand is better than the delayers then the ante bet is paid double, the play bet is paid out as the above image. Look at our other games too Blackjack and Roulette.

Gambling strategies, for those who have such a thing.

There are 2 main strategies, the first is to play every single hand regardless of what hand the player receives. The other is to get lucky and only play the best hand.

Know more about Gambling Strategies
Remember all casino games are mathematically in favor of the Casino, so only ever play with money that you can afford to lose and view the games as entertainment. Occasionally players will get lucky and win big. Fun Casino Hire is a breeze with us.
We have several different games to offer you and your guests brilliant for a Wedding Casino Hire.

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