Casino Types – We’re here for many a different party.

Office Party Casino, We've got you covered.

We can provide for them all, our fabulous tables and dealers will help your guests have a night to remember.Party Fun Casino We can help get your party started with guests mixing among the tables, friendly banter and a competitive game can ensure a night to remember. Be it a birthday party, anniversary or engagement party a Fun Casino is usually a big hit. So why not book us for your fun casino experience.

Wedding Casino

Guest playing blackjack

Bride at Blackjack table

A fun casino offers a unique way of bringing all your guests together by playing games. This entertainment is great to ensure the bride and groom enjoy their day without concerning themselves about guests enjoyment.


All our Croupiers can show your guests how to play. The croupiers will be smartly dressed and full of personality to ensure the game is great fun to play.

We can also supply personalised fun money with a picture of the happy couple.


Charity Fun

We can help raise funds for charities, although it's illegal for any money to exchange hands on the Casino Tables, the "fun money" can be sold to raise money for charity. Give us a call on how we can help. Our Blackjack and Roulette Hire are the most popular tables in order to help raise those much need funds.

Fun Casino Hire we're the best in Wiltshire.

Charity Fun Casino

Charity Fun Casino

Charity Fun Casino

Charity Fun Casino