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Who are we?

Fun Casino Fun was born after the owner Jamie branched out on his own following many years of working for other companies. Jamie started in the Casino world back in the early 2000’s when he saw an advert for a game of Texas Hold Em in his local newspaper. He had heard of the game and kinda seen it on telly but he didn’t really know what it was about.
So he went along to the local game along with about 70 other players. He was hooked and was soon playing 3-5 times a week. The sound of the chips, the bluffing, the cards, and the table banter was incredible.

Jamie soon got to know most of the players and the organiser. The organiser Garry wanted to expand the business and launch more Poker games in different towns, so Jamie started working for Garry helping to run the Poker Tournaments. He did this for a year or so and one night he was a little bored he searched to see what real-life Casinos were around in Wiltshire. He found a Fun Casino company and he had never seen such a thing before, the website was advertising jobs, so he applied. He didn’t hear anything for a few weeks and then Tony phoned and asked to meet.

So Jamie and Tony had a chat and Tony decided that Jamie was a good fit. Jamie started working for Casino 2 Go, he was tasked with taking another crew out to other events, setting up the tables, and then running the events. This was to enable Tony to either take another team out to another event or spend much-needed quality time with his family.

The 2nd credit crunch back 2007/08 really limited how much work Jamie was receiving from Casino 2 Go as many corporate events dried up. Jamie asked Tony if he could be trained as a Croupier and work doing that instead of event management. Tony agreed and trained Jamie up.

Jamie Casino To Go

A very young-looking Jamie back in 2010.

So Jamie worked with Casino 2 Go as a dealer for a good number of years.

Jamie Casino To Go 2

He soon had offers of work from other Fun Casino companies as they required dealers, so he was on the books for around 5 different companies working as a freelancer for them.

How Fun Casino Fun started.

Back in 2014 ish Jamie decided to branch out on his own, so he made his first two tables. He learned how to build websites and made his first very poorly-looking website.


Jamie wanted to ensure that he showed a true representation of his business and that all the images used on his website would be of his equipment. He didn’t want to use “Stock” images and he still doesn’t to this day. The Gallery can be seen Gallery

As Jamie had experience from various different companies he Cherry Picked the best ideas and added some of his own in order to offer what he considers to be the best value for money Fun Casino company around.

Since those 2 hand-crafted tables, Jamie has gone on to expand the business to various tables and now also offers an Unquie Roulette Display System that no other Fun Casino company has. Jamie also has added themes to the list of items that Fun Casino Fun can offer.
Instead of just Roulette & Blackjack, Jamie has added the very popular 3 Card Brag, Stud Poker and Casino Texas Hold Em

Roulette Display
Casino Dealers pose for Photo