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Know the Details About Corporate Casino Hire

Corporate casino hire is some of the very best entertainment you can provide for your guests.  Fun Casino Fun strives to impress your guests with their casino talents.   Everything is risk-free, as we provide all the chips and no money is actually exchanged in these games.  However, we do definitely create some friendly competition.  

We offer all types of unique entertainment, decorations, theme ideas, props, and more.  Our casino atmosphere is welcomed at many different types of events including corporate get-togethers.  If you are looking for a corporate casino hire for your next party, you have come to the right place.  Corporate casino hire is perfect for corporate event entertainment as well as team building.  This is a wonderful opportunity to build up each other and also have some friendly competition.  

This is a wonderful addition to a corporate night out as well as adding in a treasure hunt or fun quiz games.  Having a little bit of different entertainment offered gives the attendants a night they will never forget. 

Help with Team Building!

We help with team building and ensure that everyone is included in a team.  We want everyone to enjoy the night and will certainly do our best to keep the entertainment going.  There are all kinds of different casino games that you can have in your very own virtual casino such as Roulette and Black Jack.  But there is also Texas Hold Em and Casino Brag which are fun options as well.  No worries if your guests aren’t aware of the rules or understand the games we are happy to assist with that as well.  Corporate casino hire is some of the best entertainment you can provide.  Guests will have lots of time at the tables and we will be happy to help with full instructions.  When it comes to throwing a corporate party, be sure that you get a corporate casino hire.

Our corporate casino hire offers casino rental solutions for Bath, Bristol, Swindon, and the surrounding areas.  We are happy to help answer any questions and go over any concerns you might have.  No actual money is used in the games and there are no regulations that we have to follow.  We do offer prizes at the end of the night to the top players, to add in a bit of fun.  Our casino tables and dealers are professionals that have done countless parties in the past.  They have worked with very large as well as smaller crowds.  No crowd is too big or too little for our corporate casino hire services. 

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Let’s have some fun by Hiring our Corporate Casino for the night

Take a look around at the various packages we have to offer.  We feel that our corporate casino hire is perfectly paired with some quiz games or a scavenger hunt.  Keeping this moving and flowing allows guests to mingle and have a great time. 

At the beginning of the evening, your guests will be given a set amount of play money.  This play money is used to purchase various chips at the tables.  This money has no actual value to it, which is why we don’t have to worry about regulations.  When the player is done at a table, they simply “cash in” their chips and get this play money in return.  Some players will run out of this play money quickly, while others will play for a longer period of time. That’s why we suggest having other games or activities as well.  This allows everyone to have a great time and enjoy the evening.

When choosing your packages, remember that there are prizes included for the top three players.  The first prize will get a bottle of bubbly, while the others will enjoy a box of chocolates.  There are options to have a roulette display system that is very professional and modern.  We have Las Vegas backdrops that can be added and all the fun money is included in the cost of your corporate casino hire.  In the higher-end package, there will be poles and red carpeting included that will offer that casino atmosphere that you find in the large casinos of places such as Las Vegas as well.

These casino rentals are not just for corporate casino hire but they are great for weddings, graduations, a backyard event and more. We have set up in a variety of locations but always seem to have a good time.  

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A Fun Casino is an incredible way of entertaining your guests at parties, wedding receptions and more. Experience Wiltshire’s Best Value for Money Casino Hire. Our hire company covers Bath, Bristol, Swindon and many more.


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