The 5 most sought after online casino bonuses


The rise in technological advancements paved the path for individuals to have an easy and secure way to access any online website on their phone or desktop computer. The ease of use that computers and especially mobile phones have helped the online gambling industry develop into the thriving business we know today.

For example, between 2017 and 2018, UK players spent around £14.5 billion on gambling-related activities. This analysis shows us that out of the total sum, more than £5 billion came from online casinos, which is almost 40% of the total spending done on gambling.

The iGaming industry reached this level by offering all the games that a land-based casino would have, plus extra flexibility regarding where you want to play. However, this is not the only reason since most online platforms offer bonuses to new and existing users, increasing their playtime with few to no financial risks for the players.

Gamblers get something out of promotions, as well as the online casinos that offer them. iGaming platforms use them to attract new customers and to keep old ones. Usually, the sign-up bonuses are targeted at new players and the loyalty programs are targeted at older ones.

Since promotions are handy not just to online casinos but also to players, let’s see the most sought-after bonuses by UK players.

Extra spins

Out of all the other bonus types, this one is prevalent among gamblers. There are many reasons why, but we are going to cover the most important ones here.

The main reason for their status is the overwhelming popularity of slots since spins are only usable in this game type. Furthermore, the generated value from the extra rounds is usually considered bonus funds usable in slots or other available casino games.

So, extra spins are not just a standalone bonus; it’s a promotion that even gives bonus funds, thus offering more playtime.

The extra rounds are the most flexible bonus type since they can be part of different promotions. Some give funds plus extra rounds, usually known as a first deposit bonus. Others can be a no deposit bonus that gives the spins upon registration.

Those are the main reasons why extra spins have one of the most relevant rankings in the UK. Online casinos have noticed this popularity among players. Many of them provide various offers that include or only have extra rounds.

No deposit bonuses  

No deposits are usually considered the best casino joining offers. This is since the only thing a player must do before claiming is create an account.

A no deposit promotions can come in the form of extra funds or bonus spins. However, the generated value from the funds or spins after the wagering requirements have been completed cannot be cashed out if no deposit was ever made on that account.

Still, using the no deposit bonus gives UK players the opportunity of testing an online casino with no financial commitment on their part.

Deposit based bonuses

There are mainly two categories that fall into this promotional offer, the first deposit bonus and the welcome package.

Those two are considered the best casino deposit bonuses. They are usually addressed to new players, especially the welcome package, as the name suggests.

The first deposit bonus involves investing a certain amount and receiving bonus funds that match that amount. Sometimes it also comes with extra spins attached to the promotion.

In contrast, the welcome package works the same as a first deposit bonus, but it includes more than one deposit, each with its bonus. Usually, it applies to the first four payments a user makes to his online casino account.

Although the best casino bonuses contain deposit-based ones there not as popular as no deposit promotions, however, a deposit bonus gives more funds and spins than a no deposit one offering more overall value with the financial commitment of making a payment.


Another popular type of bonus that targets players who already use the platform but not always.

A cashback bonus consists of receiving a percentage of the sum that the gambler lost during his playtime in a particular month or week. Sometimes, the received amount is capped at a certain sum disregarding how much a player lost during a specific time frame.

This bonus applies most of the time to losses registered in the live casino section or table games section. Still, it can also be valid for slots or overall losses across the platform.

Loyalty bonuses

This one is specifically targeted at older players who have already spent some time using the online casino’s services.

This kind of system was first introduced in brick-and-mortar casinos as a way of rewarding players for frequently playing. Under the name comp card system, it gave regular casino customers different benefits that could even be tickets to various events or hotel rooms.

iGaming platforms borrowed this idea and adapted it to the online medium, creating the loyalty systems that most casinos from the UK market have. This system rewards the players with points for wagering real money on the website. Gamblers can convert these points to bonus funds, or if they reach a certain number, they can advance to a higher loyalty level.

The levels bring different promotions and benefits that can include an account manager, faster cash-outs and similar to land-based casinos tickets to different events.


Although bonuses, in general, are helpful to players for multiple reasons that we already covered, one must always be careful not to develop gambling-related problems. Gambling more than your budget allows can create some tense situations that can lead to even more challenges.

Claim the bonus offers and try all the games offered by the online casino of your choosing, but constantly remember that responsibility is the key to efficient and safe gambling habits.

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