Unorthodox Games for Your Casino Party

Unorthodox Games for Your Casino Party

When you invest in a Fun Casino, the number of games you get access to is extensive. There are the usual staples like roulette, blackjack, 3 card brag and of course the legendary Texas Hold’em amongst the options. But how about adding a different ‘spin’ to the experience for your guests, to make your party the standout event of the year.

Below we will list a couple of the more unorthodox choices that you could introduce to make a lasting impression.


What is it good for? Absolutely casino parties! This classic card game is often thought of as primarily a game played over the kitchen table, but it’s actually a popular game in casinos around the world. For those not in the know, the objective of the game is to be dealt a card of a higher value than the dealer. It’s that simple. In casino form the player wagers a bet on winning, but in the event of a tie there is an option of a ‘tie bet’. The player is then given an extra card by the dealer to try and win the hand for a second time, but for an extra price.


There’s no other way of putting this one – it’s very different. In its original form played only in Belgium, there would be a host of songbirds in cages for players to first study, then place their wager upon. The winner is the one who places their bet on the loudest singing bird. However, to bring it into the modern era and make it far more accessible and animal friendly, we would suggest using some sort of birdsong app, rather than having 10 budgies in your house!


This game was relatively unknown to modern gamers until pretty recently, when the Gala Spins game selection started to revolve largely around digital Slingo offerings. This has made Slingo arcades quite prominent in online casino circles, and in fairly short time. Slingo is a slot/bingo hybrid game that could be replicated at home by utilizing a combination of a slot game on a tablet, alongside some pre-printed cards which are distributed to players. If your items appear on the winning line of the slot, mark it off your card. It’s the player who’s the first to complete their card by matching the corresponding symbols that takes home the spoils.


Although this is a game strongly linked to the Jewish community, and often one of many games played at Hanukkah, it can easily be linked to the more familiar dice games found in casinos. But instead of using dice, it utilizes a four-sided spinning top. Each side has a symbol which translates to, nothing, everything, half and put-in. Players first add in a wager into the betting pot, before taking their spin and yes, you guessed it, where the spinning top stops is the outcome of the turn. So, you can either win all or half of the pot, nothing, or you have to make an additional bet into the pot. The game ends when all of the pot has been emptied.

Rodent Roulette

Whilst this game is certainly unorthodox, let’s make this clear. We can’t recommend you bring it to your table. We’d go as far as to say that if rodents could talk, then they’d tell you it’s their version of, Squid Game, the recent hit show on Netflix. However, it’s that wacky, we couldn’t avoid mentioning it! Rodent Roulette is of course an alternative to traditional roulette, but for the ball, there’s a rodent, and for the black or red numbers there’s a numbered ‘rodent hole’. The rest of the game is as you’d expect, almost unbelievably. The rodent sits in the middle of the wheel, and as it spins it will go and hide into one of the holes. If you’ve placed your bet on the right hole, then you’re a winner. We told you it was bizarre.

So, there you have it, there are a few alternatives which are possible options to add to your party and one, which we wouldn’t recommend! But it just goes to show, the casino party doesn’t have to be one which sticks to the conventions that you’re used to.

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