Unlocking the Secrets: The Complete Guide to Video Slot Machines

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Previous to the present day, slot machine users were placed in a really low standard compared with that of the more respectable table-game gamblers. This aspect changed with the coming of the first video slot in the 1970s and was again altered by the start of slot sites in the 1990s. Now, there are tens of thousands of different slots in both the regular and online casinos, but most frequently, people play video slots. That is why we created an extensive article that will discuss the history, classification, mechanics, properties, and bonuses of video slots in detail.

Understanding Video Slots: Mechanics and Functionality

Gaining knowledge on video slots entails grasping the fact that they are key features of contemporary casinos, be it the actual or the virtual ones. In physical casinos video slots are the most common, taking more than 80% of the total casino area. Special emphasis should be placed on online casinos and, in particular, mobile platforms that prefer video slot reels more than everything, as more than 90 % of all the bets in the casino scope fall to it. This popularity is a great change from before when the slot machines were just there but people were more interested in the card, roulette, and dice games tables. Video slots as a category have become the main focus of attention and entertain the audience with their amazing gameplay and versatility.

The Evolution of Video Slots

Before delving into a more detailed description of video slots and their functioning, it is necessary to turn to their development. The timeline of video slots is characterized by some essential events; however, a genuine revolution took place in 1994 with the start of the first Internet casino. This development led to mobile casinos and players from across the world can now enjoy thousands of video slots on their gadgets. There are always new slot games coming out which give the players a lot of variety and never get bored.

The Mechanics of Video Slots

Originally, video slots were similar to regular slot machines in many aspects, but at the same time, they differ significantly in terms of implementation and features. Regardless of whether Slots was the One Arm Bandit as seen in the movies or it is the video slot that is as high-tech as a video game, there are always reels that have the symbols and each symbol has a corresponding pay table. These are the mechanical/self-service or digital type of slots with pay lines that point out the winning symbol on the reels. Thus, the use of traditional mechanisms with additional technological components makes the game both interesting and recognizable for the players.

Playing Video Slots: A Guide

As this guide to video slots will show, there are many things that a player has to learn and remember before playing the game. The fundamental hence important characteristic that every video slots player has to reflect on is that the game plays are pretty easy to understand. First, choose your coins and wager on a line of your choice, then press spin if you are in the modern age, or press the lever if you are old-school. While there are casinos that are entirely floor based, some address both, with the lever being used as a formal idol. At the end of the spin mode, your desire is to match symbols based on the pattern that is displayed across the reels. If there are matching symbols, then money is given out relating to the value of those symbols. Unlike the other physical casino games, if the symbols do not appear on a payline, the bet is lost. Secondly, it is worthy of note that probability in slot machines is maintained by the Random Number Generator (RNG) which controls the spin. However, it is with regret that one cannot influence or change the result of a spin while one can set a new bet’s stake and choose more or fewer lines to bet on.

Video Slots Paylines, Reels and Symbols


As earlier elaborated in this guide to video slots, a pay line is a line built into the game that symbols have to line up in order to yield a winning spin. Old-fashioned slots are those that may have one pay line at the middle of the reels offering wins for symbol matching from left to right. Video slots started appearing in the 1990s and also featured more complex pay tables with 3,4,5 or more and even 25 or 40 pay line slots. Contemporary trends have seen the creation of pay line slots that pay for the arrangement of symbols from the left to the right and the right to the left. Some of the pay lines in the video slots can be horizontal or vertical and there are others that can run in an angle or even 1024 ways of winning. Multiple pay lines are also quite beneficial in that they allow more opportunities to win. Players can easily bet on all the available pay lines by just clicking on the Max Bet symbol which is usually displayed on many of the video slot games.


As for the interface, the slots of the past offered a 3×3 play area with three reels of three positions each. It is now possible to develop multi-reel slots and give more appeal to their graphics and many opportunities to get a prize with the help of contemporary technologies. The majority of the slots is today’s 5-reel slot, although there are models of slot machines with 8 or more reels and extra symbol positions. Certain slots are not even fixed with traditional reels, and they use a number of floating symbols with some kind of dynamic format of a grid.

Video Slot Symbols

Apart from being instrumental in forming the visual backdrop that is popular in the video slot, game symbols ascertain the value of your win. High and low pays are typical representations in the gaming icons; each comes with a multiplier to be placed on the stake. Pay line spins may present different quantities of equal spinning symbols on the active pay lines (for instance, 2, 3, or 5) and the quantity is regarded as the multiplier.

Video Slot Special Symbols

Wild Symbols can replace other symbols to form a winning pay line, though not Scatter and other bonus signs. Certain video slots also have Expanding Wilds which expand and occupy more positions on every reel. Scatter Symbols can also be cash prizes or can trigger another round or set of events when they are obtained on the wheels. As an example, if a person gets 3 Scatter icons, this can lead them to a Free Spins round. In most of video slot games, when a free spins bonus is being played, a fixed number of Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels (not in a particular order) pay the bonus.

Benefits of Playing Video Slots Online

1. Other types of casinos such as online and mobile casinos allow you the flexibility of playing video slots from anywhere. You can spin the video slots on your comfortable couch, right in your house or on a bus on your way to work. whether that be 3 in the afternoon or at 3 in the morning, whenever you feel like slot gaming.

2. The timing and involvement in traveling to the casino also denies time for work and involves expanding on transport and even on accommodation. When you begin, you are actually in the negative, as your money starts with going into the slot machine before the spins. Nothing more is incurred when playing video slots on the internet. Meaning that you can spend considerably much more time and money on the reels.

3. This is the quantity that a slot machine will pay over its life cycle span or over a given period of time. The RTP of most of the physical casinos is approximately 80% while the average of the video slots in online casinos is 96%.

4. Competition is very high in virtual space, and as such, online casinos face stern competition. Therefore, they employ large deposit bonuses to hook new traffic and to please the existing gamblers. While enjoying the opportunities of playing video slots for money on the Internet, one has an opportunity to receive great bonuses – sign up bonuses, deposit incentives, free spins and others.

5. In addition to that bonus money, Free Spins or playing in the demo version, online casinos let players try their video slots for free. This will allow you to gather information on video slots that are right for you and the kind of player you are. Playing without money means you’ll be able to familiarize the bet choices, pay lines, bonuses, and the overall performance of the game.

6. Regarding the internal environment, slot halls in land-based casinos are rather noisy places. It is always loud, with voices talking, and announcing, and there are hundreds of tables of games and slot machines rumbling. Whereas playing video slots online gives the player the ability to play the games discreetly. You can attend to your game, enjoy the graphics, pay attention to your bet and winning probability.

7. B&M casinos are restricted in the sense of the floor area that restricts the number of slot machines available. Transferring from one slot machine to the next requires one to stand up, gather his/ her things and look for a different game to play. Video slots can be played online thus expanding a player’s choices where he/she can play hundreds of video slots at his/her convenience.

Understanding the Random Number Generator in Video Slots

Therefore, when it comes to raising the probability of getting a win on video slots, it is important that one acknowledges the working of the Random Number Generator (RNG). RNG stands for Random Number Generator which means that the spinning sequence of the band’s wheels is truly random and no player can have a chance to manipulate the spinning sequence to his/her advantage. But as you have seen, understanding how the RNG works is extremely useful and can guide the correct decisions. For instance, there are incorporated statistical models, for instance, volatility of every video slot, which indicates the extent of risk linked to the slot. High-risk slots have the potential to pay big amounts but less frequently and on the other hand low-risk slots pay small amounts but more frequently. It impacts the hit rate which is the ratio of winning spins to total spins. Also, the RNG controls the Return to Player (RTP) which indicates the ratio of total stakes paid out to players in the long run. Thus, although RTP provides an approximate prediction of the winnings that can be received, each spin has equal chances, and the RNG does not include favorable players. By picking the right slots and getting to know all the options regarding their variance and return to the player, a player can make their gaming session more effective in terms of risk and reward.

Strategies for Winning on Video Slots

Because every spin of the video slots is chance-based, it is impossible for players to use a system to make a win. For any form of gambling, chance favors the player, and this makes it a form of gambling par excellence. Nevertheless, there are some ways, which the player should follow to choose the right slot and manage the budget alongside the odds of winning.

Below are some tips that can help increase the probability of winning in video slots –

Play right on video slots – If you want to play slots then go out and research what games you want to play and like. Consider variables such as variance, return-to-player rate, the maximum and minimum you can bet, and possible wins. To access a great catalog of video slots, check out https://www.stellarspins.me/en.

Learn bonus symbols – Symbols such as Multipliers or Free Spins are essential additions to the pay table because they increase your probability of winning. That is why it is important to know the functionality of these features, what triggers them, and what rewards can be received.

Play for fun – There are a number of online video slots that can be played for free and it’s helpful for initial research and getting to know various games. It also provides ways and manner in which the affairs, bets, and features function before one invests actual money.

Take advantages – Due to the specific bet rates, it is possible to cash out the money won with the help of bonus money and free spins received from video slots. Search for bonuses that can increase betting stake; however, one should consider the bonus rules found in the terms and conditions.

Watch your stake – This will require betting high amounts on numerous paylines, and that tier can bring in great amounts as well as bring about the quick emptying of one’s stake. Ensure you bet wisely and do not assume that when the video slot shows a win; it might actually be lower than what you staked for that spin.

Multiply your chances of winning the progressive video slots – That means that you need to make high bets to be in a position to win the kind of jackpot that you are interested in playing.

Time management – Incorporate a specific time and/or number of video slots at which a person is allowed to play each session. Before starting the session, decide on the number of minutes you will spend on the session, the number of bets you will be making, and the amount of money you intend to use. In case you lose your time, use up all your bets, or reach the set budget, prevent yourself from playing more video slots.

Do not follow losses – When playing the video slots, everyone loves to win, but one has to understand that the amount lost is also monumental. Always bet with money that you could afford to lose and more importantly never try to chase a loss. Limit the time or the money you use playing any particular game and once you have spent the amount of your choice, stop playing. This approach makes sure that you can come back in the future for another fun and thrilling session in the video slot.

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