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Throwing The Best Casino-Style Engagement Party—A Quick Guide

If you’re going to throw an engagement party, it must be memorable and unique. It’s perfectly fine to have the traditional dinner, a few toasts, and the occasional mingling. But why not spice things up by throwing a fun casino-style party, complete with professional croupiers, blackjack, and roulette gaming tables? It provides non-stop entertainment that your guests can participate in, while giving the people closest to you a fun way to get to know each other. 

Don’t worry about gambling losses ruining a supposedly fun night. Instead of using real money, you can provide your guests with “fun” money, which your guests can use to take the place of actual currency. This way, people can have a fun casino night without the risks of gambling losses and debt!

Here are five things you need to figure out in order to throw a casino-style engagement party that your guests will remember. 

  • The Budget 

As with any party, you’re going to have to determine how much you’re willing to pay for the whole affair. With a bigger budget, you can throw a full-blown casino party complete with costumed croupiers, uniformed waiters, free-flowing booze, and sumptuous food. You can even rent a venue with elaborate props and live entertainment to complete the casino feel! 

If you want to save on costs, then you can also ask family members to act as waiters and croupiers and provide the food yourself. Instead of hiring a barista, you can simply provide a self-service bar. 

  • The Venue 

If you want to emulate a true casino, you will want to rent a marquee room with elaborate drapes and carpeting. On the other hand, given that you can ensure fine weather, your guests may also appreciate a gazebo where they can have a fun casino night under the stars. 

  • The Guest List 

Remember that your engagement party is likely only the first of many gatherings that you will have to host in your wedding journey. For your fun casino-themed engagement party, it’s best to keep your guest list short and limit it to immediate family and your closest friends. This way, your guests will have more room to move around from table to table, and everybody can have a nice time without waiting for queues. 

  • The Games 

The whole point of a casino-themed party is to have fun playing the games. It’s recommended to choose games that your guests are likely already familiar with, such as Blackjack, Roulette, and Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. 

It doesn’t matter if your guests have never played these games either! If you’re using “fun” money, there are no risks involved, and your croupiers should be there to explain strategy and gameplay. Unless you happen to have your own tables, hiring roulette and blackjack table providers are a quick and easy way to make your casino night engagement party feel more authentic to the real experience. 

  • The Drinks 

Aside from the main course, your casino-style engagement party will not be complete without serving a few cocktails in a martini glass. This adds an air of sophistication to your party, which your guests will surely appreciate. A few casino-themed cocktails such as “The Poker Face”, or the “The Last Chance” will go a long way in adding to the fun casino vibe of your party. 


A fun casino night is sure to make for an evening to remember. Getting your guests to interact and play together in fun casino games are a good way to introduce your future wedding guests, who are likely meeting each other for the first time. The best thing is, since you’re not using any real money, everybody is guaranteed to have a good time! 

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