The Most Fun and Unusual Casino Games You Can Play Online

The online casino industry is huge and contains a wealth of games for players of all types. Many of these are quite odd and unusual and can be a welcome change from the standard table games and slots. Learn about some of the most interesting in the article below.  

How often do you play the same game of poker or slot machine? As online casinos become more competitive, they have begun to offer more unique and interesting challenges for you to try. Just think about how enjoyable a new casino experience could be. Read on as we suggest some of the most fun and unusual games you can play online.  

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Space Invasion

Space Invasion is a game that you will most certainly have played before but without the option to win real money prizes. It follows a trend in recent casino games that verge toward adding a classic gaming element to the offerings, going into the realm of the arcade more than the table games of the casino. By using this method along with current casino promotions, the online gambling industry has managed to increase its customer base exponentially. Players now have a wealth of games to choose from and can do so without using their own bankroll for a short time.

Essentially, the game is the classic Space Invaders arcade title. Added to the basic game is the opportunity to win cash prizes each time you destroy a ship. However, you must pay for shots. These come in varying degrees, with better projectiles costing more and being a bigger wager. These larger ones do more damage and destroy ships faster. Developed by the veteran company Rival Gaming, it is a new spin on an old favorite.  


Most unusual casino games stick with a variation of a table game or a slot title. This is so that you as a player are experiencing something familiar, but new at the same time. Plinko does not abide by any of these rules, yet somehow manages to provide the feeling that you have played the game before.

In many ways, it is similar to the Japanese gambling pastime of Pachinko. This is where balls are dropped into a pinball-like machine, and they release more balls as they fall that can be exchanged for cash. The playfield in Plinko is a pyramid, into which the balls fall. When it reaches the bottom, it will land in a prize slot which is usually a multiplier. However, there are also places where you won’t multiply anything meaning you don’t win. 

Games will provide a host of ways in which you can adjust the preferences to your liking. These may include the option to adjust the multipliers, by increasing and decreasing the risk level. You can also change the number of lines on a board. 

Test Your Strength LuckyTap

Test Your Strength LuckyTap is a game that is becoming very popular online, known as an instant win title. This means you don’t have to play for long to know if you have won or not. Instead, you find out almost immediately after placing a wager. It takes inspiration from a fairground strength machine, where you have to hit the object with a hammer and hope it shoots up the dial to ring the bell.

There are no reels or pay lines, so it is not a slot game. However, it does have fixed values around the device. These are assigned at random during the game. You start by pressing play and the meter will shoot up. When it reaches the bell, the player wins the amounts around the device.

If the meter does not reach the top, the player can play again before it empties. Between three to eighteen prizes can be won at any one time. The game also features multipliers activated before winning plays, which can increase the total.

The game is low volatility, meaning you win lots of small prizes regularly. It is great for people who want to play an easy game that is a lot of fun. It does not have complex bonus rounds like some slot games, which means a lower barrier to entry.

Donkey Dash

Virtual Sports are another niche offered by the online casino industry. They are games played in digital formats with the result determined by a random number generator. Donkey Dash is a much more lighthearted version of this. Using a loose horse racing format, you must bet on one of six donkeys and decide which one will win a race. 
All the action takes place in a donkey racing stadium. Like any racing, the favorites offer less of a payout with the outsiders offering higher amounts. The donkey starts on the left and will race to the right of the screen. As they run, extra cash prizes and multipliers can be accumulated. If your donkey romps home, then you win the lot.
There are plenty of other interesting casino games available with new ones arriving by the week. Take a look at some casino review sites to see which offers the widest selection. You can even search online if you have a specific game in mind. Gamble responsibly, and enjoy these wild and wonderful casino titles.  

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