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Since the Corona Virus has made so many of us house bound, I’ve decide to put my training to good use and help other businesses that may be in a similar position to me. With my side line work almost at a standstill, I figured that lots of other folk will be in the same boat. With time on our hands we can grab this oppertunity to lerarn and help our businesses so that we are in a better position on the other side.

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Free SEO?Marketing Review

I’m happy to take a look at your site and give you some technical advice in order to improve your rankings. I’ll also look over it from a marketing propective too.

If I have been a help, you can play it back a few ways, either a link back to my site or donations are welcome.


Hints and SEO Tips.

Firstly, SEO is not that difficult but it does involve effort. It takes times and thought and investigation.
Here are some hints and tips to help with your rankings.

Remember the search engines can’t see how pretty your site it, nor does it care. But it cares for information, that means you must give it information. If you can get your information across in different elements too, that will really help. Ordered Lists, unordered list, tables, graphics, photos,

  • this is an unordered
  • list, its just
  • list of things.
  • its just a fancy word.
  1. This is an ordered list
  2. as the items
  3. in the list are numbered
  4. again not much of an issue
  5. anyone can add them to your site.
If youcan alsodisplay some
information in adecent
table formthen thatcan also help your rankings.
Hopefully yours will be much better looking then mine.
Picture of man in dealers visor.
Don’t forget to put in your “alt img” data. The search engines can’t yet read pictures very well, but you can help by telling them what the images are about.

Yes, that really is me.

Call to Action

These are not SEO as such, but calls to action are what you want your customers to do once they arrive on your site.
Make them attractive. If you can make them high value and low perceived risk for the customer. the you’re onto a winner.

Remember being ranked in google on the front page is FREE, yes FREE traffic and possible FREE customers. But it is hard work, you need to put the effort in or pay someone else to do it for you.
I know I’ve been trying to do it myself for years now!

Your website is a reflection of your business, if you had a physical store/shop you would decorate it, paint it, carpet it etc..So it looks good. A website is the same, you have so many more possibilities on your website to engage with your customers/clients. Videos, photos, text, graphics etc…

If you’re selling physical products, then write loads about each product. Make videos about the products, be an expert. Go the extra mile that other folks don’t do. Be THE expert in your field. Show your clients that but also Google will find your site and reward you. Also if you write user guides or how-to guides, get people to link to it.

Google loves Google so if you have any videos put them on youtube and then link to them. If possible transcribe them as google doesn’t yet fully understand the spoken word. But it reads text very easily.
Likewise, if you have a Gooogle My business Page link to that from your site.

Remember you “rank pages” not a whole website.

This took me ages to work out, you need to target every page of your website with different keywords where possible

So you sell cakes, Wedding Cakes, page for that, Party Cakes, page for that, Christening Cakes, guess what? Separate page for that. Make each page rich in content and information. Then link to each page from each page.
So on your Wedding cake page have a link to your Party Cakes and also a separate link for Christening Cakes.
Likewise on Party cakes page link to your Wedding Cake Page etc…But have the words be the link.

KeywordsPage TitleMeta DescriptionH1 TagH2Alt Text for images
Party CakeBest Party cakes in town We offer the best Party cakes in around TownBest Party Cakes in townHere are some of the wonderful cakes I’ve made in the past. party cakes
Wedding cakebest Wedding cakes in townThe best Wedding cakes in around TownBest Wedding Cakes in townHere are some of the fantastic Wedding cakes I’ve made in the past.Wedding Cake
Not finished yet.
These are a rough idea, look around at your competition and see what they’re up to.