Reasons to Host a “Casinos Through the Ages” Themed Party

Casinos have evolved quite a bit since their naissance in the 1630s, but there’s a certain je ne sais quoi about the old casinos. From Ancient China to the US Prohibition to modern-day gambling establishments and playing online roulette through a mobile device, inspiration can come from absolutely everywhere.


Looking to host your Casinos Through the Ages party? Here are some of the best reasons that’s a great idea!




The Clothes


Clothing has morphed and changed ridiculously since the 17th century, and the garb for casinos has not escaped that change. The original casinos once had a strict dress code of formal suits and gowns, though that’s no longer the requirement in modern-day establishments. Since Frank Sinatra’s time, casinos have held a black-tie dress code, though many now only require business casual. Hosting a party of your own gives you the freedom to choose the dress code. Take a trip to the 1920s with flapper dresses and bobs, or maybe a white-tie vibe with black suits and evening gowns. Whatever you choose, have fun with the clothing choices.


The Ambience


Walking into a modern-day gambling den usually means you’re greeted with the sound of dinging and music, mainly from the slot machines. Back in the day, the most prominent sound was the sound of slapping cards, the hum of light conversation (interrupted only by the cheers of a big win), and the clinking of glasses. Bring back the sights and sounds of classic casinos with your party, complete with blackjack tables, roulette wheels, and stud poker, courtesy of Fun Casino Fun.




The Music


From piano to Jazz, music has crossed an incredible spectrum in the casino world. With the first saloons in the west, live singing and piano dominated the atmosphere. Once Prohibition and speakeasies rolled around, Jazz became the staple. Performers would book gigs at all hours at the underground clubs. (This is also where Louis Armstrong and other Jazz greats got their start!) Live performances took a full swing in the 1960s. Modern-day places usually have recorded music playing over speakers, though you can have live music with your party. Have fun and explore the new realms of music to compliment your party’s vibe.


The Games


Gambling and casinos have a long history. The first evidence of gambling was discovered in China and was dated to have occurred around 2300 B.C. Baccarat alone has been around since the 15th century, and blackjack came about just before the first casino in Italy. It’s believed that roulette appeared in Ancient Roman times. While your casino party doesn’t have to go back quite that far (unless you’re aiming for a toga party), such classic games as these are a great addition.




Casinos have gone through many, many changes through the centuries. Whether drawing from the 1920s or ancient times, relax, have fun, and let the games begin! Hosting a party of your own gives you the freedom of choosing the music, games, and attire.

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