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How you can pull off a successful Casino themed party.

If you want to put all your bets into a successful party, look no further than to throw a casino themed event! You can rake in the benefits of a glorious night well-spent with family or friends with a night of blackjack and poker.

However, it takes more than playing cards and rolling dice to pull off this type of party flawlessly. You need to know what it takes to make an authentic casino experience right in your home or backyard. 

A casino themed party takes a bit of ingenuity and collaboration on your part, but you can certainly succeed and find your guests begging for more. Here’s all you need to know to bring out the best in your next casino themed party!

  1.  Setting the casino theme 

Take a moment to think about the casino themed party you want. Imagine recreating the same atmosphere inside your home. You can take a look into casino hotspots like the Genting Casino Fountain Park or the glamorous Aspers Casino. Then, you can look into the unique decorations or even the standard flooring to really transport your guests into the casino scene. Round out your casino place of choice with an added casino trope like the Roaring Twenties or Ocean’s Eleven. Specific party attire can add to the whole casino experience, too! 

At first glance, casino themed parties may seem like a splurge or costly in the long run. In reality, however, the secret is to be creative and know what really fits your chosen casino theme. Essential casino components like a slot machine or a designated blackjack hire are some of the things you may need to account for. 

The decorations are in some ways essential to the party too, but you can pick and choose what really ties your chosen casino theme together. By setting the casino theme, you are able to plan around your budget and still have that successful party that you were shooting for. 

  1.  Emphasizing entertainment

Indeed, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Your guests wouldn’t want it any other way. They want to forget their worries for the night and have some poker fun. Fill your casino themed party with fun-filled activities, music, and refreshments. That means staying consistent with the casino theme but also being able to add to the holistic casino experience of your guests. 

Inviting a DJ or a Jazz band to your casino themed party will definitely add to the entertainment value and atmosphere. It will give them something else to look forward to apart from the casino games. Casino buffets or hors d’oeuvres will keep your guests full and energized for the rest of the night. Unlimited cocktails or a full open bar will liven up any casino party. Music and food made to get your guests pumped up for the casino games will fuel their casino party enjoyment and your party’s success. 

  1.  Bringing in the casino game staples 

Casino nights like this are nothing without the games that everyone can enjoy. Blackjack is a classic casino game that will surely be a welcome addition to any casino themed party. Add authenticity to your casino party games with a casino table hire, prizes, and a table. Make sure there are a variety of games for every casino party goer. Even non-casino games and other fun activities can do the trick. 

Casinos have also been designed in such a way that every corner is an opportunity for fun. For instance, adding a cigar room or exclusive poker game tables can be appreciated by a number of guests. For common fun, putting a roulette game at the centre of your casino party scene will let your guests easily get into the casino fun for themselves; either by playing or rooting for other guests. 


Casino themed parties for your next event can seem like a high-stakes game. But remember, those who have soaked in the casino vibes and accounted for the must-haves can absolutely win it big. You just need to be confident and go with it!

We can take your casino nights and parties in the Bath, UK, to the next level. Send us a message to book a casino table hire for a unique and memorable event!

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