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Here Are The Fun Casino Hire Games We Provide

The fun casino hire games provided by Fun Casino Fun are Roulette, Blackjack, 3 Card Brag, Casino Stud Poker and New Game just in Texas Hold Em Casino!! with new games on their way. Our tables are great to help entertain Wedding guests in the evening, or just an excuse to get people up out of their seats.

Fun Casino Hire – Roulette

The ultimate game of chance, place your bets and hope the ball lands where you have bet. Roulette is a lottery, but has lots of different options for you to bet on. You can bet on a red number, black number, odd/even number, 1-18 or 19-39, pick 12 numbers etc…Our fully trained dealers will explain all the various bets and payouts. Roulette looks complicated due to so many bets playing placed at once but in fact is extremely easy to play. Our mobile tables always look the part at your event. A Fun Casino is always a popular attraction to any event.

Wedding Roulette hire in Wiltshire.
Roulette, just one of our many Fun Casino Hire games.


Fun Casino Hire – Blackjack.

The best “odds” in the Casino for the player to beat the house. Get as close as you can to 21 without going over. Have a higher total then the dealer and you win even money, 1 chip for every 1 chip you put on. Very simple to play, just take another card or stand, ok there are a few more rules but nothing major. Our fully trained dealers will do the maths for you. Hit the magical Ace and a picture “Blackjack” and you win 3 to 2. Our Frequently asked questions page can help.

Fun Casino Blackjack


Casino Brag

3 Card brag is a very simple and fast-paced game, straights, flushes or even 3 of a kind. Our friendly dealers will show newcomers the ropes.

3 Card brag,very rare game in the fun casino industry.
3 Card brag against the dealer, quick and easy game.


New Now we have Casino Texas Hold Em!!

Very similar to normal Hold Em apart from this game is played against the dealer much like Blackjack.

It doesn’t matter if your guests have never played before. Fun Casino Fun gives a great opportunity to play the games risk-free, but also with the chance of winning a prize. Our friendly dealers will assist with showing newcomers the ropes.

Serving Wiltshire and beyond

Fun Casino Hire - Texas Hold Em against the dealer.

For Fun Casino Hire choose Fun Casino Fun.  Developed from grassroots upwards, Jamie started as a poker player and then went on to help organise Poker tournaments. From there he found a local Fun Casino company and was the “pit boss” of that, taking a team of people out to entertain. Several years later here he is owning his own company.