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4 Great Reasons to raise Funds With a School Casino Night.

The way of arranging proper school casino night

We all know that schools and their endeavors occasionally need a little financial assistance. Whether it’s to fund the latest school dance, or a new swing set, or new computers for the lab, your children’s education could always use a little help.

One of the most lucrative and successful ways to do this is through a casino night. The casino and gambling industry makes more money than the movie and video game industry combined. A casino night could channel that money into good causes for education.

If the money is not enough to motivate you to have a casino night at your school for the parents, here are some facts that might convince you:

1. It’s completely legal

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission allows the usage of equal-chance games, such as poker and bingo, for non-commercial events. So long as the players are not competing against a bank, it is perfectly legal and acceptable to host a night of gambling.

The Gambling Commission also stipulates that no money raised from the event may be used for private gain and that all revenue (including entrance fees, sponsorship, gambling stakes, and more) from it must be given to a good cause.

Another wonderful stipulation of Gambling Commissions is that minors are also allowed to play so long as it is at a non-commercial charitable gambling event.

Just make sure to have the proper permits in place before organizing your School Casino Night.

2. People love gambling nights.

You could market the event as a James Bond-inspired or 1920s-themed casino night, and people will come. The children will get to try their luck at gambling in a safe space, while the parents could use this as a reason to get dressed up and go out.

People generally uninterested in other school fundraising activities, such as bake sales, are more inclined to show up for something like this instead.

3. It makes money

The excitement of recreating Las Vegas and other gambling hotspots always draws in a more spendy and trendy crowd. As such, you can charge more per ticket at a school casino night than you would for other events.

The funds gained from prizes and raffles can go towards a good cause, which can loosen a possible donor’s hand on his wallet.

4. You can totally outsource the work

All you need is a starting fund, which can be pooled from donations, to pay for a casino rental company, and you’re good to go!

Casino rental companies can provide seating, gaming tables, professional dealers, chips, live entertainment, decorations, and more. It can create that authentic Las Vegas High Roller vibe that can draw the crowd in, without it being too much of a hassle to organize.

After all, such a business would try to make it as convenient as possible for those who hired them.


Casino Night for your school can be an easy and fun way to make money—easy for those who organized it, and fun for everyone involved. It is a tried and tested fundraising event that is likely to overshoot your funding goals.

For more information on casino rental in Bath, UK, send us at Fun Casino Fun a message. We have everything you need for a successful fundraiser!

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