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3 Useful Tips and Ideas for Your Next Casino Themed Party

Uniques ideas for your next Casino Themed Party

There are few things that have the appeal of a casino-themed party. Whether it is the thrills and debauchery of Las Vegas you want to recreate or the elegance and class of the Bond films and Casablanca, your guests are sure to have loads of fun with the right ideas.

In this article, we are going to cover some casino-themed party tips ideas that are sure to make a memorable event out of your next party. 

1. Choose the right games.

The games available at a casino-themed party can determine its mood. Poker, for example, is demanding and often creates a serious mood with emotions controlled and kept at a low. This just won’t do if you want your party to be lively and overflowing with talk. 

Games such as Roulette and Blackjack, on the other hand, are conducive to a light and enjoyable mood. And with free-flowing drinks, a night at the Roulette table could be a lot of fun for everyone involved. And while a variety of games might give your guests more options, it might also spread them out too thinly depending on the size of the party. 

You could also consider hiring a casino events company to provide the gaming tables, equipment, and dealers you need so that you don’t have to learn or buy all these things yourself. 

2. Decorate with pizzazz and glamour.

It is important to arrange the spaces in your casino-themed party so that it is conducive to mingling, has enough space for your game tables and food setup, and so on. After that, a few casino-themed decorations should do the trick.

That iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign is a good example and is easily purchased online or made with party supplies. You could also play jazz, Elvis, or Sinatra in the background to carry the mood. 

Some professional casino event companies have decoration and lighting packages that can add that level of glamour you are looking for. Such companies are also the perfect choice if you’ve rented out an event space instead of hosting it at your own home. 

3. Go buffet-style with your food.

Guests of a casino-themed party showed up for one reason: to play. A sit-down meal might slow down an otherwise fun and lively evening. As such, it might be better to offer passed hors d’oeuvres or food at a buffet table so that your guests can go and eat as they please between games. 

Make sure to choose foods that can be eaten quickly and produce a minimal mess, such as skewers, sliders, and so on. A mobile bar with a mixologist at the helm might also make for a better casino experience.


Casino-themed parties, organized well, can be fun and memorable to your guests and peers. With the right ambiance, food, and games, a casino-themed party can bring great joy to both you as the host and your guests.

If you’re looking for a company to help you host your next casino-themed party in Salisbury, send us at Fun Casino Fun a message. We have everything you need, from dealers to gaming tables, to make organizing this event a lot smoother.  

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