The event industry can be described as one of the fastest growing industry in the world today. With over $2 billion spent annually on events around the world, the event industry is super dynamic. It is the duty of every professional to stay updated with what’s going on in the world of their respective careers, but for the event planner, it feels like a matter of life or death due to the neck-breaking speed the industry moves at. As events evolve thanks to new technologies and shifting markets, so does the role of the event planner.

Below are some of the top event planning blogs and website to follow in 2018.

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  • Smart Meetings 

When it comes to corporate-related event planning, Smart meeting is the go-to website. The smart meeting is an excellent corporate event and meeting planning platform. This blog shares new and inspiring information and visually presents new ideas for event planners on how to make your events and meetings not just remarkable but smarter.

  • EventJuice

EventJuice is an all-in-one event blog with a surplus in event planning content. The content varies from wedding planning to planning a successful book launch – so whatever your event, there is sure to be content that will inspire.

  • Bonjour Event

Mostly specialised in wedding events, Bonjour Events is a website that contains updated event tips and ideas. Aside from brides related content, it also covers parties, conferences and charity events. With several specialised categories, it’s easy to find event-specific information. Bonjour Events also features a long list of vendors and suppliers, useful if you ever cater an event in the US.

  • Hello Endless

Hello Endless blog isn’t just about sharing information regarding event entertainment. It covers all aspects of planning and on top of that, includes a host of podcasts and videos. Aside the massive amount of helpful information on this site, it also features an inspiration section, event planning tips, figures on latest event trends and ideas on how to boost staff productivity.

  • Event Magazine

Regarded as the leading brand of the UK’s event industry, Event Magazine is the place to follow the best bloggers in the business. There’s lots of advice on event marketing and branding. Aside from the recommendations, the blog features in-depth reviews and live event coverage.

  • Meeting Pool

If you are looking for a blog that focuses on event technology, then this blog is just what you need. The Meeting Pool is a platform for content related to event technology such as apps and social media and provides a database of event technology providers. The blog was founded and currently managed by two experienced event planners who also provide interesting event-related content from other relevant sources, which ensures that as an event planner you are always up-to-date.

  • Eventbrite

Who in the event world wouldn’t know Eventbrite? Regarded as one of the best event planning and event blog in the world. On their blog, they share excellent tips frequently focusing on the use of social media at events and how to get the most out of your event.

  • Event Planner TV

If you are looking for a dedicated TV channel focused on the event and event-related issues such as latest event technologies, the role of social media in event planning then Event Planner TV is all you need. It is the first worldwide online TV channel aimed at the event industry. One of the unique and awesome facts about Event planner TV is the fact that they bring experts from all around the world to share their knowledge, keep you up-to-date with popular trends, event concepts, and the newest event technology.


  • Techsy Talk

This an online platform that exists to bridge the gap between event technology and the event planner. The Techsy Talk blog helps to provide event planners with new technology best practices and trends for the modern event planner. This blog helps to simplify the use of technology when it comes to event planning.

  • Event Manager

This blog was founded by world-renowned event professional Julius Solaris, Event MB, as it is fondly called, is one of the complete sources you’ll find for “eventprofs” on the web. Their content is varied, well written and easy to digest. On top of tips and how-to articles written by experts, this blog also features reviews, webinars and even templates for your event planning website.




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