The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Fun Casino Party (At Home)

Going to casinos and spending a few hours playing games and drinking cocktails with a bunch of your friends is a great way to celebrate any occasion. But if you want a more private setting, you can always bring the casino to your homes and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

Having a casino element to your event is always a great addition. It completely transforms your party’s vibe and quickly excites your guests, leaving them with fun memories they can take home. Planning a casino party at home is incredibly easy and much more fun than you might expect.

If you’re planning an event and want a casino evening hire, you’ve come to the right place. This article is our ultimate guide to planning a fantastic casino party at home. If you’re ready, let’s get to it!

1. Pick a location and do a headcount of guests

Ideally, you want to have your casino party in a spacious part of your home, such as the living area or your backyard. This way, you’ll have enough room to move around while being close enough to your guests to interact with. 

To control the number of guests coming and to know what location fits best, you should send out emails and invites so you can quickly get a headcount of who’s coming. Additionally, since you booked a mobile casino hire, it’s best to know the headcount and inform their team as well. 

2. Book the right amount of tables

Now that you have a headcount of guests, the next step you should do is to book the right amount of tables for the party.

When booking casino tables, ensure that you have enough for a bit more than half of your guests to be playing at the same time. This way, some of your guests can be playing casino games, while others could be drinking, eating and socialising. 

3. Pick the right casino games

While you plan your party and before you choose your casino games, make sure you have an idea of what type of games your guests prefer. Usually, people enjoy playing Blackjack, Texas Hold’em Poker or Roulette and Craps.

If there isn’t a unified answer to what games they prefer, you can always book two types of games to accommodate your guests.

4. Design your party layout

When you plan your party, ensure you have a floor plan for your event. This way, placing the tables on the day of the event and arranging your furniture won’t be such a hassle. Besides that, when you design your floor plan ahead of time, you’ll be able to fix your space and even ask for help from your casino rental company. 

5. Have the perfect theme and tone

Whether it be a Vegas-themed 21st birthday party or a Great Gatsby-inspired event, the most important thing is that your event has a theme that blends well with your casino add-on. 

Besides that, you want to make sure that you’re playing the right music to help enhance your party’s vibe and mood. You can book a band, or even create a mix inspired by the theme.


Having a casino-themed event is a fantastic way to impress your guests and leave them with happy and exciting memories. Whatever your them is, you’ll definitely plan a memorable night for you and your friends with these easy tips!

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5 Crazy Stag Party Theme Ideas

Is your best friend getting married soon and you have the privilege to be his best man by doing something related to Stag Party? Congratulations! But, don’t relax too much, because your job is to get the Stag Party Theme Ideas & then organize a party. That party is not just an ordinary party, it should be the best crazy Stag party a person ever made! Your mind is full of ideas and questions – where should you host a party? How to be creative and unique? How many people should you invite? Take a deep breath and relax, take some time and check out our 5 best ideas for a stag party!

Bar Crawl Stag Party

Let’s get down to the basics and to the primal instincts. We have only two words for you – bar crawl! The plan is as simple as it can get – make a list of favorite bars where you often had few drinks, few laughs, and, of course, few girls. That list should not be too long – five or six bars are more than enough. During the night, you and your friends should visit every single one of them and have at least one drink in every single one of them. To keep the tradition alive, you should all wear the same shirt and your last bar that night should be your favorite bar. In that last bar, you should remind each other of your various adventures from the past. So definitely It can be one of your Stag Party Theme Ideas.

Virtual game night

Okay, we all heard of Game night, it is one of the most popular ways to have a blast with your friends. But, how cool would it be to host a virtual game night? Because of coronavirus, social life will never be the same again.  If you combine Stag party with a virtual game night, you’ll get awesomeness! Possibilities for virtual game night are endless. You can host a game night with dozens of people, you can play traditional games, 3D games, or some modern games online! If a groom loves Monopoly or

TableTopics, go with card and board games. If not, you can always choose table tennis or even an air hockey tournament. Trivia games are always a good choice. You can learn some interesting things while having fun. Good side is – you don’t have to think about how much space will you need and how many people you should invite.

We are in the modern era. The virtual game will be popular day by day. Cause especially it saves time, money, spaces. So It should be another Stag Party Theme Ideas for you.

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Vision Quest

We all did some naughty and bad things in our past and we don’t like to talk about it. But, imagine this – how about hosting a night where you and your all friends need to tell some embarrassing story about a groom in front of people who don’t know him very well. Vision Quest is a combination of roasting and drinking and a lots and lots of laughing. Remember, don’t be gentle, tell a story which will make the groom as embarrassed as never before. Every person who tells a story should be included in planning the night – all you need to do is to prepare a short script, set up a studio with an audience if you want the atmosphere to be a bit more professional, and – party can begin!

Fun Casino Night

Stag party theme ideas without a casino? This is definitely not an option! Great good, great party, great atmosphere and a bit of gambling – what’s not to like? Try it and see it for yourself – casino is one of the best places to throw a Stag party!  The first rule when it comes to organizing a Stag party in a casino is – always respect the groom’s wishes. Go places he wants to go, do things he wants to do. If a groom doesn’t want to spend too much money, respect that. The best thing to do is to plan a budget before a trip to casino. Casino parties are fun because it offers non-stop entertainment with the best crew – your best friends. Or you can book a Fun Casino.

Beer Olympics

Talented people compete at the Olympics, people who loves fun compete at Beer Olympics. Who can say no to unlimited rivers of beers? No one! Beer Olympics can be organized outdoors if weather is sunny and warm, but if you plan a Stag party during the winter, it’s okay to host it somewhere inside. Girls should also play to make things more interesting. To be a member of a Beer Olympics, you don’t have to be a professional, but it is recommended that you love to drink beer.

Check out  Casino Games List, You can know more about it.

Final thoughts

A Stag party should be unforgettable for a groom because he has a last chance to have a great time and to party with his best friends as a single person. No matter if you choose to organize a wild weekend in a luxurious hotel or a fun and drunk adventure at your own place, we guarantee some quality time with your favorite crew. 



5 Best Corporate Party Theme Ideas

Okay, so your corporate event party is a go and you officially have the green light to start planning the big event. But then again, there are always those fears of hosting lackluster corporate events which can even end up making starting the whole event planning process be a headache.

Know about the best corporate party theme ideas:

Well then here’s the good news about the corporate party theme ideas, it’s time you start planning and choose a creative corporate event theme for the special occasion. A good theme is what will set the tone for your corporate event. It is also from your chosen theme that you are going to base all of your planning decisions and the right theme will always attract the attendees and even build your business brand. Boring or tacky corporate party themes can also put the reputation of your company on the line as well.

There are three steps you can take to ensure you not only pick a professional corporate party but a memorable unique corporate event theme too.

Step one: Reviewing your goals for the unique corporate party

You need to,  first, review, and clarify all your goals about your upcoming corporate party, realize the purpose of the event and the reason for hosting it, and start from there. Ensure you know what the event is about. All these “so what” reasons should be your guiding hand when it comes to identifying all the great ideas about corporate event party. that you can tie the reasons to and brainstorm the perfect themes to fit all of them.

Step two: consider your audience for arranging the best corporate party

In as much as this may be one of the most obvious steps to take, some people may choose to ignore it which may be a devastating step. This is a vital step, especially when it comes to putting together the perfect guest list for the event. You definitely don’t want to have all your themes mixed up for the wrong events. Like having a theme best suited for your client’s corporate events just won’t work with events where you have your prospects present.

Ensure you know all the attendees, their age range if the event is going to be family-based or just for adults only. You also need to know whether the attendees come from the same location or not.

Step three: Choose the perfect venue that will really compliment your theme

You don’t want to fail in planning the best possible venue for your corporate event as well. Planning the venue where the event will take place is just as important as planning and holding the event itself and will make it more memorable too. And with enough research, you might have found out that it is the traditional event themes that are still more popular than any of the others used by event planners.

It all depends on the venue you decide to choose to hold the event like providing the inspiration needed by your attendees.

But if you do your math just right and use the right themes for the right corporate events, then you can expect to have one event to remember for a long time. It is, therefore, vital that you learn how you can control your venue and the perfect themes you can use for them to wow all of your corporate event attendees.

And in the case of a business, you should try and make sure that your brand forms part of the theme of the event that will act to inspire the attendees. You can try and blend your brand values and motions with the themes and see how it fits in all the scenarios.

So, next time you are tasked with event planning for your business, you should make attempts to ensure that the party reflects well on the business and blow the attendees away at the same time. Remember that the purpose of holding such an event is to raise the morale of your employees and knowing the right theme to use for the event should be a great way to start.

It’s also vital that you realize that holding the best and most memorable corporate event doesn’t mean expensive or fancy clothing or anything like that, but just to ensure that all your guests enjoy themselves and have a really good time. So, here are five tippers and tricks you can apply to your corporate event plans to ensure that you slay it even as you plan.

1.Beach party

This venue has always proven to really kick events off and everybody just loves beach parties. What with the warm weather, cold drinks, and bright colors. Like everything just feels right and in place. Choose a place with just enough palm trees, rainbow-colored sea life, and pool toys. Just ensure you can create the perfect beach party setting and you are off to having a corporate event of the ages.

2. Futuristic

You can try to be unique about how you approach this theming style. You can use some futuristic styles like robots, space, and laser-like styling to the whole mix and even go OTT on the lighting. What if you even try glow furniture or plenty of neon lights or even blue lights as well? Just think about it for a second. It will be epic.

3. Hollywood

You can do one thing most people only always see on television; roll out the red carpet at the entrance and make it a night of elegance and fame for all the attendees. Bring out the inner-star of every guest. Don’t forget to put up a light up Hollywood sign too with a champagne tower and loads of red roses.

4. Circus

A circus theme is more refined for refined occasions where you hire aerialist performers and many more roaming characters to wow the guests. Have retro food stands at the event with ticket booth buffets which will definitely complete the theme. Imagine that you have drinks being poured by the champagne chandeliers. Everyone will be dazzled by the event itself and be talking about it for a long time.

5. Masquerade

The masquerade theme works for many different kinds of events and here, style is everything. You definitely don’t want to miss any of your guests get into the event without their oversized masquerade masks on plus two more masks for the evening event which is set to be on fire. Ensure that the venue is styled enough to at least try and look like an en grande masquerade.

Of course, a Fun Casino can help to entertain your guests.

Games like Blackjack and Roulette are quick and easy to learn and can help entertain your guests.


A Wedding Casino Evening on Your Big Day. (Questions Answered)

The right kind of wedding entertainment can allow a couple to provide unforgettable memories to their guests. It is something that everyone can look forward to after a long and emotional ceremony.

Most couples decide between a wedding singer, a band, or a DJ to take charge of their entertainment needs, but only a few try to experiment and offer a truly unique experience. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind way to entertain your guests, here is an idea: Why don’t you have a wedding casino night?

Wedding Casino Evening for Your Reception Entertainment

If you dream of getting married in Las Vegas, here is your best chance to make it come to life. A wedding casino Evening is a fun way to excite your guests and give them a night to remember. All you need is to look for a fun casino for hire, and they will take care of everything for you—from the setup and props to all the types of entertainment you need to have. 

It is the perfect theme if you plan to spend the night like James Bond or the Great Gatsby. It can be the main entertainment for the night and can even work well during the lull between the ceremony and the reception. 

If you like the idea and are now considering a casino-themed wedding reception, here are the answers to some of the questions you might have.

On the Need for a License for wedding casino evening

If this is your main concern, know that there is nothing to worry about casino wedding entertainment. There are no real money exchanges in this themed event, so a license is not necessary. Everything you need to do the entire night is to have a good time, so leave the worries to your supplier.

On the Types of Tables and Games to Get

Guests of all ages may attend your wedding. There will likely be a mixture of old and young, and if you want real entertainment, you need a game that will cater to all these generations. The games of roulette and blackjack are good choices. They are simple and easy to learn, and playing them does not require any intense skill at all.

On the Number of Tables to Get casino entertainment

The answer here depends on the number of guests you expect and the games you decide to have for the night. Keep in mind that not everyone will play. Statistically speaking, perhaps around 75 percent of your guests will get to play during the duration of the event. Typically, two tables are enough for 120 guests since not everyone will play at the same time.

On the Duration of Your Casino for Hire

Three hours is always the best duration for any wedding casino after-party. Two hours is too short, and four hours is a bit too long. Three hours is just the right amount of time for guests to enjoy all the entertainment and get home without feeling exhausted.

Can I get a casino wedding hire from you?

Yes, definitely you will get us at fun Casino fun. We are providing this type of service for several years with a good reputation. So if you really need us, promise you will get the best from us for any type of casino party.

You do not have to go to Vegas for that fun casino night. At Fun Casino Fun, we bring Las Vegas to you. We provide casino hire services in Bristol and nearby areas, and we have catered to hundreds of satisfied customers and created fun, entertaining evenings for various types of events. Connect with us and request a quote today.


The wedding casino evening & and reception is not only about the couple. It is also about ensuring that all the attendees have a fun night. A casino night is a great way to have an exciting and entertaining evening for your guests. It gives them the thrill of playing in a casino setting without the real gamble of losing money. It is a wonderful way to break the ice and initiate a great bonding experience among your guests.


Three Casino Party Themes Ideas For Your Next Event.

When hosting a party for any occasion, your number one goal, as the host, is to provide a fun and entertaining experience to your guests. One way to ensure this is to come up with a unique theme, as it lets you set the mood for the entire event that will factor into your guests’ expectations. If you want to provide a one-of-a-kind spectacle and a night full of entertainment for your guests, choosing a casino theme will not fail you.

It is a theme perfect for any occasion—may it be a wedding, birthday, corporate, or charity event. If you are considering hosting fun casino evenings with your friends, there are three ways you can recreate the experience. Here are three casino themes you can explore:

Theme 1: Las Vegas Casino

What is a casino-themed party without the entertainment capital of the world as an inspiration? If you want a fun casino party that will be the talk of the town, a Las Vegas-themed party is your best choice. It is not only an extravagant party to host, but it is also extremely versatile. You can tweak it and make it cheesy or glamorous, depending on your liking.

You can go over-the-top and add wow-factor elements that will make your party truly memorable. Hiring fabulous showgirls to greet your guests or having a Rat Pack show will make the traditional Las Vegas casino experience more authentic. Do not forget to add a red carpet and plenty of games to keep your guests entertained the whole time.

Las Vegas Banner

Theme 2: James Bond Casino

When we say James Bond casino, we mean a party full of diamonds, cars, shaken vodka martinis, poker, and beautiful women. With all these props and a whole lot more to choose from, your guests will surely have an unforgettable casino night to remember.

If you dream of this casino party theme, a cocktail bar is a must-have addition to the entire evening. Keep your guests in awe the whole night with your overflowing drinks. A visual spectacle, plus an abundance of free-flowing, delicious beverages—what’s not to love?

007 Banner

Theme 3: Monte Carlo Casino

If you want a theme as glamorous as Las Vegas’ but in a subtler version, Monte Carlo is the theme you are looking for. This theme is perfect for people who want to feel as if they are part of the rich and famous.

You can make this theme come to life with stunning props and fantastic performers. Do not forget the delicious canapés that will keep your guests coming back for more.


The beauty of a casino party is that there are various themes you can try, and each one provides a different kind of experience for your guests to enjoy. Any of the three themes mentioned above will keep your guests amazed and entertained all night. Moreover, everyone will have fun with a little gambling without risking their money. It will be a safe and amusing experience one would not want to miss. 

Once you pick the theme you want to have for your next casino party, contact us at Fun Casino Fun. We will help you bring that party theme to life. We are a mobile casino table supplier, and we have a professional team that can provide you with a glamorous and exciting casino experience.


5 Reasons Why Throwing a Party for Your Employees Is Essential

One lesson that many business owners take many years to learn is that they need good employees. More than sales figures and quarterly evaluations, companies need workers who will persevere through even the toughest challenges!

However, happy and satisfied workers don’t just appear in droves outside your office to apply for your open roles. Employees have to be nurtured, appreciated, and acknowledged to persuade them to stay within your company and keep doing good work. Without dedicated workers, a company would not be successful, no matter how bullish the economy or the markets get. 

One generally effective method of keeping employees happy is through planning a company party. Here are five reasons why you should throw a party for your employees:

  1. It boosts morale 

A party or company get together is an excellent way to boost employee morale. Parties break the monotony of the daily grind and give your employees the chance to take a break and recharge. While it’s true that holding parties may put a dent on your budget, your organisation stands to gain more by having happy and productive employees. 

Besides, parties don’t always have to be fancy. For example, your employees will have just as much fun with a simple but quirky casino night as they would with a fancier black-tie corporate event. If your company is too large to hold parties frequently, then encourage individual departments and teams to have their get-togethers—it’s just as effective too!

  1. It helps build meaningful relationships

Today’s employees care about building meaningful relationships with coworkers just as they do about a fruitful and successful career. However, because of the increasing demand for specialisation, it’s easy for employees to get silo-ed and separated mentally from each other. 

Besides an opportunity to get a much-deserved break, company parties also give way for meaningful interactions and relationships among co-workers. This paves the way for potentially increased cooperation and collaboration among employees and departments, which is always a good thing. 

  1. It’s free organic PR for your company

Sometimes the best PR for a company are the ones that aren’t planned. If your employees enjoy your simple get-together, they’ll most likely post about it on social media. 

Appreciation posts like these are authentic expressions that can’t be recreated by even the most skilful PR teams. Such organic PR generates buzz about your company and brand—which other companies and potential talent will see. While this shouldn’t be your party’s primary goal, it is nevertheless a benefit that comes from keeping your employees happy. 

  1. It paves the way for tax deductions

No such thing in life as a free lunch, but they can definitely be tax deductible! In the UK, staff parties are deductible as long as you keep the annual cost per head at £150. Business owners can use these tax deductions to cover one or two company parties a year. 

  1. It makes your employees feel appreciated 

Happy employees are more productive, loyal, and driven to improve themselves. You can use your company party to acknowledge your employees’ contributions to your success publicly. Employees who feel appreciated are less likely to seek or entertain your business rivals’ offers. 

If you’re having problems with employee retention, you can start improving your workplace through simple but effective company parties. 

The Bottom Line

Final tip: while any party is better than not doing one at all, your employees will appreciate some variety every now and then. Instead of holding a regular company dinner, why not have a fun casino evening instead? You can hire casino tables for classic games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Stud Poker, and more! They can even come with professional croupiers to add to the authenticity of the event. Your employees will surely appreciate a night of casino games—all in good fun!

Are you looking to hire casino table providers for your casino-themed party? Fun Casino Fun has everything you’ll need, from Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, and more. We offer different casino packages to suit any occasion. Contact us today to learn more about our casino party hire packages!


How to Throw a Vegas-Themed 21st Birthday Party in the Pandemic – Our Guide

Nothing quite feels like home, but the allure of Las Vegas is not lost on people in the UK either. With 21 being the legal age in the US, it’s a good excuse as any to fly to Sin City to celebrate 21st birthday celebrations. 

However, with international flights shuttered due to the ongoing pandemic, most people will have to improvise to get their Vegas dreams fulfilled. To help you out, here are three  Vegas-themed 21st birthday party ideas to try for your socially-distanced celebration:

  1. Use a playing card or poker chip for invitations

Birthday invitation cards don’t just let your guests know that you want to see them at your celebration; it also sets your party’s tone and theme. What’s Las Vegas known for but splendour and gambling, after all?

An excellent way to communicate the Vegas theme is by using a playing card showing your party’s date, time, and venue. Should you want to splurge a little, then you can engrave those details in a poker chip as well! If that doesn’t scream Las Vegas, then nothing will!

  1. Hire Fun Casino table games  

It wouldn’t be Las Vegas without casino games, but it’s still best not to get real money involved to ensure a safe space. After all, you likely do not have the security of intimidating bouncers that’s usually necessary when gambling and alcohol mix. 

That being said, gambling and alcohol are what make Las Vegas what it is, so you’ll still want to have Roulette tables, Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, Stud Poker, and an open bar. This is where Fun Casino comes in.  

The Fun Casino operates by handing out guests “Fun Money,” which can be exchanged for chips at the table. There’s still a limited supply of Fun Money and chips, which makes it a valuable commodity and adds to the excitement of gambling, at least while your celebration lasts. The person with the most chips by the end of the night wins a prize. 

Our BlackJack and Roulette tables come with professional croupiers willing to teach newcomers and entertain long-time players alike. This means that even guests with no experience in casinos will enjoy the party as well!

Our most popular games are (in order) Roulette, Blackjack and 3 Card Brag.

  1. Get a casino-theme backdrop 

What’s a Las Vegas without the excess and the glamour? Layout a red carpet and a few barrier posts and rope to your venue’s entrance, and hire a photographer for the celebrity experience. Slap on some neon-flashing lights on the facade and inside your venue for the old-timey bu,t classic ambiance. Lastly, make a playlist topped by contemporary Las Vegas tunes like Lady Gaga’s Poker Face and Katy Perry’s Waking up in Vegas, along with classics like Elvis Presley’s Viva Las Vegas and ABBA’s Take a Chance to enhance the vibe!

Our 2 fabulous themes are Las Vegas and James Bond.

As for the food, party platters and bite-sized finger foods, along with waiters handing out glasses of champagne, will surely keep your guests well-fed, slightly buzzed, and having fun!


You might not be able to go to Las Vegas right now, so why not bring Las Vegas to you! With a few tasteful Vegas-themed decors, a formal or black-tie optional dress code, and fun casino tables are all you need to celebrate your 21st birthday, Las Vegas Style!

Are you looking for some game table providers to bring your vegas-themed birthday party to life? Fun Casino Fun is your top provider of casino party hire needs in Bath, Bristol, Swindon, and more. We offer different casino packages to suit your party needs. Contact us today to learn more about our offers!


5 Tips to Host an Exciting Casino-Themed Party – (Our Guide)

If you’ve been looking to throw an exciting and spiced-up party, consider throwing a casino-themed bash! It’s a great way to introduce the vibrant nightlife of thrilling cities like Las Vegas or Atlantic City, known for their casino fun. You’ll also give your guests a chance to dress up to the nines for a night of glitz, glamour, and entertainment.

There are lots of things to consider when planning a casino-themed party. You’ll have to choose a caterer that provides the right kind of food, and a party planner that knows where to get the perfect decorations. Here are five tips for hosting an exciting casino-themed celebration:

  1. Make Sure the Theme Fits

Before you plan the event, you need first to make sure that the event matches the theme. Some events fit a casino-themed party better than others, like birthday parties, corporate parties, and wedding receptions. Ensure that a casino theme makes sense for the party, especially with your budget. If things don’t align, it’s best to save your inspiring ideas for a future event.

  1. Enjoy the Theme

The best way to throw a successful party is to have fun with the theme, of course! You could tailor the theme to a city known for its casino activity, like Monte Carlo. Throw in some glittering chandeliers, decorative palm trees, and even some luxurious gold decorations. You’ll truly make your guests feel like they’re in Monte Carlo for a night. Given the popularity of this theme, you’ll have a casino theme backdrop of your choice.

If you’d like to go down a more innovative route, this is a great theme to try. You can try making a futuristic casino setup, or even one inspired by science fiction. 

  1. Send Themed Invitations

People won’t know your party theme without the appropriate invitations, so feel free to go to town on this one. Themed invitations are easy to make, and you’re free to design your own. There are plenty of online templates that can help you make the perfect casino-themed invitation as well. 

The possibilities are endless here: you can send out a large playing card with different suits, colours, and numbers. You can also get creative and send out a bigger poker chip with the details embellished on it.

  1. Have a Dress Code

Casinos usually have specific dress codes, so it’s best to have one for your party for a genuine casino experience. However, this is highly dependent on the kind of casino party you’re throwing. If you’re throwing a Vegas party, you might request for people to dress the way people did in the Roaring 20s, with people wearing Homburg or cloche hats. Meanwhile, if you’re hosting a Monte Carlo-themed party, you can ask your guests to wear fancy dresses, like they’re attending an awards show. It’s a great way to get people in the mood, and it also makes for gorgeous photos!

  1. Cover All Basic Casino Games

Essential to any casino-themed party is, of course, the games. Ensure that you provide more varieties to card games than poker, as your guests expect the full casino experience. Consider the number of guests attending to determine how many games you’ll be featuring at your party. If you have a few guests, like less than twenty, you’ll need only a small number of different games. However, if your guest list hovers in the fifty to one hundred range, you’ll need plenty of game stations. You may want to hire a roulette or Blackjack table. If your budget allows, then you’ll want to consider renting actual tables and hiring genuine dealers. 


Casino-themed parties are an excellent way for people to sit back, relax, and let loose for a night. Some people may have never set foot into casinos, especially if this is a birthday party for a young adult, so this is a chance to offer them an unforgettable experience. With these five tips, you’re sure to throw an exciting rave-up that’ll be one of the most memorable parties ever! 

Let Fun Casino Fun upgrade your parties with some mobile casino fun! We supply casino tables for parties in Bath, Bristol, Swindon, and many more. All our tables are fabulous and free-standing, helping you host a wedding casino, a Christmas party, or even a corporate event. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you!