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Christmas Casino is here.

Fun Casino Fun can supply a wonderful Christmas Casino.

It’s nearly that time of year, again….

Fun Casino dealers in Christmas outfits.
We’re happy to dress up and enjoy the fun too.















Our Christmas Fun Casinos are legendary, with a vast number of locations booking us for repeat events.

Christmas Casino Croupier with snowman face paint .
We’re happy to get stuck in and enjoy ourselves.

Our staff are very happy to get into the spirit of things, joking and dancing with the guests.

Most locations allow us to hand out the “fun money” during dinner, this helps build the excitement for the evening ahead. We simply walk around the tables and hand out the fun money 1 per seat.


Something different – Christmas Casino

Our wonderful tables make a refreshing change to the normal run of the mill bar and DJ. We’re also quite happy for the guests to have a go at dealing too. Maybe the boss can come up and their staff can have a go at fleecing them!

So if you’re in charge of the Christmas entertainment this year give us a call. Maybe you’re an events manager and are looking for a “block” booking, we can accommodate.

Blackjack Christmas
Must be a Christmas Casino



Blackjack is always a popular game at Christmas most people have played 21’s or a very similar game called Pontoon.

Most companies book us for at least 2 tables, normally a Roulette and a Blackjack table. We do have other games to choose from as well. See our Fun Casino Games page.

Blackjack and Roulette tables.
Just need the players. All ready to go New Years Eve 2015/16 at White Horse Park, Westbury.