Casino Brag

Our 3rd most popular game.

This game is probably the 3rd most requested game behind Blackjack and Roulette, very quick to learn and fast-paced.
Casino Brag is a quick and simple Poker game. Very similar to Stud Poker it’s played on a Blackjack Style table against the dealer. Simply choose to play or fold. No real decisions are needed to be made.
The player places their bet in the Ante box and receives 3 cards face down, they then have a choice to make based on those 3 cards. They can either choose to “Fold” of “Play”. If they fold they place their cards face down between their chips and the dealer’s chip tray.
If they play then the player places another chip of equal value to the initial “Ante” bet.

Casino Brag

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The dealer must have at least Queen high in order for them to “play”.
If the dealer fold, then the Play bet is a “Push” a tie in other words. The “Ante” is paid at even money.
If the player has a better hand then the dealer the payout is as follows.:-
Even money for both the Ante and Play bet but a bonus of
4 times the “Ante” bet for 3 of a kind.
5 times the “Ante” bet for a Straight Flush.

We also offer an additional bet called “Pair Plus”
This bet is not dependent on the dealer’s hands.
To win the player must have a “hand” better than a pair hence the name.
Even Money on a Pair
4 times the bet on a Flush
6 times the bet on a Straight
33 times on a Straight Flush
35 times the bet on 3 of a kind.