Wedding Planning 7 Common Mistake To Avoid. 

Wedding Couple

Wedding Couple

A wedding is simply put, a ceremony where two people or a couple are united in marriage. A wedding in sight is no doubt a season of happiness for both marriage prospects and their family and friends.

As wonderful as planning and looking forward to a wedding can be, some unforeseen problems might turn out to be unavoidable, even for the most meticulous planners. Therefore it is safe to say that problems arising during a wedding ceremony are inevitable, but it is possible to reduce the risks of things going south by making sure to put some things in place and avoid others.




One of the greatest mistakes one can make while planning a wedding is to assume that your wedding is a personal project and decide to carry out all the necessaries by yourself. Believe me, that is a sure recipe for disaster as this tends to boomerang and have the exact opposite result as compared to what was the intent. A wedding as is between two people, so don’t be afraid to ask for help whenever the need arises, it is for your own benefit.



Budgets are usually important aspects of any endeavour that involves monetary spending, be it a wedding or not. It will be a very shameful affair to start your married life dipped in tons of debts that you have to pay off; this is why it is very important to always make sure to work with a budget from the early days of your wedding planning, to avoid losing track of your expenses over that length of time. A wedding no matter how small or big will definitely incur costs. The onus, therefore, falls on you to be able to keep these costs in check and not come out of your honeymoon a broke couple.



Another very common mistake that you should avoid while planning that once in a lifetime wedding is pushing back the venue search to a later date. This is very wrong and has affected many a wedding all over the world. “Procrastination they say, is the thief of time”, assuming that there is still time to pick a venue for your wedding is as awful as not showing up at all because many couples have lost their dream venues in the space of just a couple of minutes or hours to another prospective couple. Especially during festive periods, it is important to lock in that venue before someone else does, as it will be equally wrong to be all worked up over choosing a suitable venue a few days to your big day.

Possible Wedding Venue?

Possible Wedding Venue?


There is nothing as bad as planning your wedding in a hurry. If you do this, you will end up missing out some really crucial things that are necessary for your wedding to be great. Also, a hurried wedding will end up being more expensive because you may not have the luxury of carrying out extensive shopping to get the best deals when doing the wedding purchases. Moreover, it is your big day and will probably only happen once, so why rush it? Why not let nature run its full course and simply enjoy.

Rushing Around

Rushing Around


Many couples have been known to break down just right after their weddings simply because they put the weight of all the guests on their personal shoulders. Most forget that the reason why a wedding is taking place in the first place is that of the love between them and rather spend their time on trying to satisfy all the guests at the expense of their own happiness. This honestly does no one any good.

It is practically impossible to avoid any spring ups on your big day, but you can certainly reduce the potential of these spring ups to appear in a way that will affect the wedding enormously.

I hope that this helps you to plan better for that big day.




Like every other social event, you need to have proper coordination during your wedding, this will make things look organized. If you do not hire a professional, many details will be left out, leading to apparent discord. There is the need for a person coordinating music, settling guests and attending to any issues that may arise during your wedding. This will help reduce stress. Hiring a professional will go a long way in keeping the wedding in order and right on schedule.


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